Why You Should Quit Smoking Cigarettes and Start Vaping?

Are you thinking of quitting smoking cigarettes? Or are you thinking of starting vaping? Most people love vaping. Once you start vaping, you will love it. And you will forget about cigarettes. In fact, vaping has helped a lot of chain smokers quit smoking.

Why should you start vaping? It is safer than smoking. It does not produce noxious odors or toxic fumes. You control your nicotine intake. You get different flavors. It provides instant gratification. It is cheaper than smoking cigarettes. And you do not need any experience to use it.

The following are the reasons to quit smoking cigarettes and start vaping.

It is Safe

Vaping is safer than smoking. There is no production of harmful fumes, so it has several health benefits. It does not affect your skin, teeth, and lungs. And it improves your sense of smell taste. Once a smoker switches to vaping, his or her health changes for the better.

By the way, it is safe for your family too. Vaping does not affect your family’s health. Passive smokers are usually affected by smoke. Vaping does not produce harmful smoke, so the health of your family will not be affected. You can vape comfortably in your home.

The smoke of a cigarette going up in the air

No Noxious Odors

Do you know why vaping is getting popular? Because it does not produce smoke. You are not smoking dead tobacco leaves. Vaping has an aroma because of the use of several flavors. You just pick your favorite flavor. And most people may not notice the flavor.

In fact, there are some people who love these flavors. So, they will not mind if you vape close to them. Some of your close friends may give you a few compliments because of the sweet aroma.

You Control Nicotine Intake

You have full control of nicotine intake when you are vaping. E-liquids are found in a variety of strengths. There are nicotine-free e-liquids. And there are high-strength nicotine e-liquids. Choose how much nicotine you want to vape. If you do not want to use nicotine, go for the nicotine-free e-liquids.

If you want to use vaping to stop smoking, start off with high nicotine levels. Then, work your way down. Lower the nicotine levels after every few days. If you do this consistently, you will eliminate nicotine in a few months. A lot of people have done it, so they no longer smoke.

You Control Vapor Output

Furthermore, you control the amount of vapor you exhale. In fact, there are small vaping devices that are designed for low vapor. If you are after cloud chasing, go for the high-powered mods. Check the coil type. Why? Because you can use it to fine tune the vapor volume.

Different Flavors

Vaping has endless options of flavors to choose you from. If you are sick and tired of the foul smell of real cigarettes, give vaping a try. Most companies are creating new flavors regularly. This means you will never run out of flavors. You will always have new flavors to try.

What are the most popular flavors? Menthol, foods, tobacco, beverages, desserts, and fruits.

Instant Satisfaction

Vaping can help you silence cravings immediately. Most vapes come prefilled, so they are ready to use immediately. Once your vaping device is ready to use, you take a hit by pushing a button. And there are vaping devices that have an automatic draw.

Vaping devices have batteries, so they need to be charged. Once the battery is fully charged, you can use it for the rest of the day. Most vaping devices have batteries that last for a whole day without charging. So, they do not need maintenance throughout the day. You can use anytime you want.


Do you think vaping devices are expensive? They are not. In fact, the vaping market is expanding, so cheaper and better vaping devices are made. And most companies are competing with each other, so they are making affordable quality vaping devices. In fact, there are vapes that cost less than $10.

Once you buy a vaping device, you can use it for a long time. The battery is rechargeable. You just replace the e-liquid regularly. By the way, it is cheaper to replace e-liquids than buying a whole pack of cigarettes daily.

These are the top reasons why you should stop smoking cigarettes and start vaping.

6 Health Benefits of Vaping

If you have been thinking about quitting smoking, you are not alone. Most chain smokers say they want to quit smoking, but they fail. Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things you can do, especially if you have been smoking traditional cigarettes for several years.

Vaping can help you quit smoking. Most smokers, who are trying to quit smoking, switch to vaping. They vape because vaping helps them reduce their nicotine intake. They reduce their nicotine intake until they stop using it. Vaping does not only help smokers quit smoking, but it has several other health benefits.

The following are the health benefits of vaping.

It is Less Harmful

E-cigarettes create water vapor by heating nicotine, flavorings, and other chemicals. You inhale this water vapor. By the way, this water vapor does not contain a lot of toxic chemicals that can affect your health. Traditional cigarettes contain around 7,000 chemicals; most of these chemicals are toxic. So, vaping is less harmful to your health because it does expose you to a lot of toxic chemicals.

Vaping is also less harmful to other people. It has been known that passive smokers or second-hand smokers get cancer and coronary disease. So, vaping is safer for people around the vaper. The vaping fumes do not contain toxic chemicals, so they are harmless to other people.

Get Rid of Yellow Skin

Traditional cigarettes change the color of the skin. How? It contains both carbon monoxide and excess nicotine. Carbon monoxide displaces oxygen in the skin. And nicotine reduces blood flow. When this happens, it leaves the skin dry and discolored.

Furthermore, traditional cigarettes deplete several nutrients such as Vitamin C that protect and repair the skin. Vaping does not change the color of the skin because it is easy to reduce nicotine intake. And it does not deplete nutrients in the body. In fact, some people do not use nicotine.

Improve Lung Functions

Traditional cigarettes contain chemicals that are harmful to your body functions. Some of these chemicals can cause pneumonia, heart stroke, circulation problems, and cancer such as oral cancer or skin cancer. Most people, who switch to vaping, report that they feel much better.

Several studies have concluded that vaping is much safer and it improves lung functions. Most new vapers breathe better than they were smoking traditional cigarettes. Why? Because vaping does not cause circulation problems.

Reduce Unnecessary Fire Accidents

Vaping is much safer than traditional smoking because there is no actual burning involved. Most fire-related accidents are caused by burning cigarettes. Some people have died because of smoke inhalation. They inhale toxic gases that are produced by these fires.

Switching to vaping reduces unnecessary fire accidents. You will avoid causing unnecessary injuries to yourself and to other people.

Enhance Assimilation

Vapers feel the effect much faster than traditional smokers. Why? Because there is no filtering, so the vaper gets the quick and strong onset of the effects. Vaping is great for people who are seeking instant relief from nausea, pain, stress, and anxiety. If you want to relieve pain quickly, vape your cannabis.

It is Less Addictive

There is no regulation of nicotine in cigarettes, so they are addictive. And it is hard to quit traditional smoking. There are e-liquids that do not contain nicotine, so they are not addictive. In fact, a lot of traditional smokers vape when they want to quit smoking.

It Helps With Quitting Smoking

As mentioned above, most traditional smokers use vaping as the first step to quit smoking. They use vaping as an aid to quit smoking. They know traditional cigarettes are harmful to their health. In fact, it has been proven that traditional cigarettes cause so many diseases. And it reduces the life expectancy of chain smokers.

Most chain smokers know the harmful effect of smoking, so they want to regain their health. However, they find it hard to quit smoking. Most of these smokers have tried everything, but they fail. Smokers, who have tried vaping, succeed. In fact, some of these smokers quit smoking after a few months.

These are the health benefits of vaping. Vaping helps get rid of yellow skin. It helps traditional smokes regain their health by helping them quit smoking. It is less harmful to the vaper and other people. It is less addictive. And it reduces unnecessary fire accidents.