Accept Death S/T LP

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Accept Death.... Cleveland's sickest maniacs have finally unleashed their classic filthy debut on deadly wax. AxDx features members of Hemdale, Fistula, and Sollubi crunching out some sick and twisted catchy, thrashy, grindy, stoney tracks that really is hard to pin down. Here's what Crucial Blast has to say:

"Hugely nasty and barbaric death sludge from former members of HEMDALE, Clevo SXE thugs DIE HARD, and FISTULA, from one of the few areas of the country that seems to be capable of consistently birthing high-caliber lava metal. Forming in 2005 from the void left by the almighty FISTULA, ACCEPT DEATH sort of picks up where FISTULA left off, taking the monstrously downtuned, sludgy hate punk of the excellent Idiopathic album and their phlegm spewing split disc with BURMESE and slowing the music down even more, and adding even more noxious vocals on exquisitely stoopid/negatively titled jams like "Punish The Retarded", "Kill Everyone", and "Skinning The Face For Relief". This self titled debut album sounds like EYEHATEGOD gone mentally unstable death metal, retardedly slow and diseased FROST riffs obscuring deceptively catchy hooks underneath the boils and scar tissue while axeman Scott Stearns voms majorly corroded and damaged acid-guitar and squealing feedback over sudden blasts of gnarly ultraheavy thrash. Former HEMDALE singer Matt Rositano's schizo vocals do a constant switch between fucking unhinged mental patient rants and some ridiculously gruff death grunts, and sometimes emits effective moaning chants, like on "A Slow Funeral For A Lifetime Of Suffering". Makita from LOCKWELD / APARTMENT 213 lends some additional fucked up vocal damage to "Wallowing In Filth". Awesomely acrid power death sludge hatred that intersects the goo of IRON MONKEY, COFFINS, EYEHATEGOD, NOOSEBOMB, FISTULA, etc., with face flattening, primitive OBITUARY / CELTIC FROST style heaviness."

THE STANDARD VERSION features a fold-over style cover with a foil stamped logo on black wax.

THE DELUXE EDITION on Red Vinyl, includes a CD of the 5 additional early tracks recently unearthed. These tracks have never been released in any format or download. Also look for Turntable Toy No.3 Hypnotic Disc with this deluxe release. The Deluxe Edition cover logo is stamped in Crimson Foil as well.

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